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Vicki is amazing. She is very organized, responsive and super talented. She can do any style as well. In addition, if you are on a budget, she will work with you to find what you need in your price range. Finally, her eye for color is superb and so helpful, truly the best.Read More

I have looked for an interior designer for months. I went to a friend's house and as soon as I walked in, I was in love with her home. My friend referred me to Vicki and from the first moment we met, she understood me. Vicki is incredibly professional and extremely talented. My home is completely transformed and I couldn't be happier.Read More

We have been working with Vicki since 2005 and everything she does is exceptional.! She is amazingly talented & has a great eye for how things turn out! Plus we love her energetic personality❣️Read More

Vicki has been my go-to designer for the past 14 years. She not only has impeccable taste and a great eye, but a trained ear. She listens to my thoughts and dreams and processes them into the most beautiful and perfect selections every time. And she's fun to design with because she gets just as excited as I do about the entire process. She is also wonderfully efficient at keeping projects moving along in a timely manner. Vicki has helped me design my entire brand new house as well as entirely re-do the kitchen, an office space, and 3 bedrooms throughout the years. We are currently working on refreshing the master suite/bath. And through it all she remains, fun, upbeat, current and madly talented.Read More

Vicki was the best. She was reliable, worked with us as a team, she had passion for our project, was extremely professional, had all work done with quality workers, furniture ordered was of superior quality and right on for sizing and look. We have ordered new furniture from her for our home on Long Island because we can trust her. We highly recommend Vicki.Read More

i love vicky vaughn-- an absolute pro Always guiding never pushing me. everything was done on time and its just beautifull-- a huge success. HATS OFF TO VICKI I'D RECOMMEND HER TO EVERYONE I KNOWRead More